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Grassroots entrepreneurs Duan Jingfeng entrepreneurial way
Date:2015-12-30   Hit:1309

Grassroots entrepreneurs Duan Jingfeng Road

Source: (Daqing daily) time: 2015, 02, 03,, the author: Xu Wei [large and small]

From only 100 square meters of small business development into the country's largest manufacturers of refined oil testing equipment manufacturers

Grassroots entrepreneurs Duan Jingfeng entrepreneurial way

He, not well-off family environment, not elite education. A simple rural baby, from an ordinary university after graduation, was assigned to a Daqing Refinery when a laboratory technician, he is unwilling to the status quo, quit the "iron rice bowl", from scratch to engage in the scientific research. Today, he founded the company has become the country's largest oil testing equipment manufacturers, product sales network has covered the whole country, and exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions. He is Daqing city on the day of the instrument manufacturing Limited by Share Ltd chairman Duan Jingfeng, the industry recognized dark horse".

Duan Jingfeng is a story of the grassroots entrepreneurs. January 26th, the reporter went to Daqing City, the instrument manufacturing Limited by Share Ltd, listen to him talk about his entrepreneurial story.

Born in 1966 Duan Jingfeng, home in Jilin Nong'an County, 1988 graduated in our province a normal school Department of chemistry, graduation was assigned to a Daqing Refinery when a laboratory technician. His childhood love study, he and unwilling to the status quo, 1997, carries the dream, with only 30000 yuan left the years of work of state-owned enterprises. No money no room, he took his own design to complete the first patented products - an analysis of the instrument around the market, took the first step in the independent venture.

One year later, the product around the wall, no one dares to buy. Many of my friends advised him to secure a job, but he does not admit defeat. In 1998, he put all sorts of things together borrowed 300 thousand yuan, registered in Daqing on Instrument Manufacturing Co Ltd. The company operates two years, because the scale is too small, the business is not ideal.

In the face of more and more negative and doubt, some vision city choose to move forward. In 2000, he held the product to the high-tech zone for. Did not expect to be successfully invited into the business incubator, not only has a 100 square meters of the laboratory, but also received 400 thousand yuan of funds to support.

To find a suitable soil, Duan Jingfeng began to throw off the arm did. In his hand he increased product development efforts, a recruiting to expand production. "That the company is, in fact, is two people, product, market is basically my one to turn, spoken parts in an opera is a hand workshop." Duan Jingfeng said that although it was tough, but he never gave up on the product R & D.

2005, "on the day" from the incubator "graduation", then Duan Jingfeng has more than 20 employees, the output value reached 5 million. Market spread out, the sales team also bigger, products are often in short supply, Duan Jingfeng's entrepreneurial way to go more stable......

Today, Duan Jingfeng has moved from the original 100 square meters of the laboratory's new factory, more than 150 people, product sales network covering nearly 30 cities and India, Thailand, Turkey, more than 10 countries, the company's total net assets of 50 million, the average annual output value of 20% of the rate of growth.

"Day" from an unknown small enterprise development to the current domestic laboratory analysis equipment manufacturing "wild goose", asked Duan Jingfeng successful secret, he out of the two words: "innovation". According to customer needs to continue to develop new products, research and development to give users a trial, once the effect is not ideal, then immediately come to consult with each other to exchange, to carry out a new round of research, so that customers can trust your products." Duan Jingfeng said, because of constant innovation, the company now has 12 patented products, self-developed products of 50 kinds, of which 3 products the world's first, a number of products to fill the domestic blank.

Right now, again Duan Jingfeng marching towards new field, he put sight aligned to the field of Chinese standardization, industrial instrument technology shift to civilian products, from his company independent research and development of intelligent cooking robot has already obtained the national invention patent, is pushed to the market.

"Before the two quarter of this year, companies can be listed in the country, 5 years, the company will build a world-class brand, for products in the international market coverage of more than 50%, total assets and annual sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, more than 5 million of the tax." In the future, some vision city plans.



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