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A-1 intelligent oil pumping and drainage device

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A-1 intelligent oil pumping and drainage device

Intelligent pumping unit is a patented product developed by Daqing City daily Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd., No. 200420063961.9. It is used in conjunction with the Coulomb method of micro amount of water meter, for the separation of samples with the reagent, in the analysis process of the automatic separation and discharge of special equipment.

Conditions of use:

Supply voltage: 180 ~ 260VAC.

Power: Max 10W.

By using environment temperature: 0 ~ 60 degrees C

The use of environmental humidity: less than or equal to 80%.

Weight: about 2.5Kg.

Unit size: 305mm * 240mm * 180mm (length * width * height)

Functional characteristics:

* automatic pumping: can automatically eliminate reagent in oil samples and does not affect the analysis process under the condition of no stop.

Automatic liquid *: automatically adding Carle Fischer reagent.

* automatic liquid discharge: can automatically eliminate feed liquid.

Principle method:

Basic principles: no membrane electrode, relatively static space within the emulsion of oil droplets were combined with each other, floating on the reagent upper and stratified reservoir to a certain thickness, the instrument automatically start the vacuum pump oil pumping thin and emulsion in the titration cell due to the action of stirring, and no film electrode in exchange of the liquid, so you can continue to be inside the emulsion droplets are enriched..

Principle application: for transformer oil, turbine oil and other light oil can be separated with Carle Fisher reagent characteristics, using a patented technology of the electrolytic electrode, so that it is separated in the electrolytic electrode, when the separation of samples to a certain extent, the automatic extraction of samples, the analysis can be carried out continuously, eliminates the trouble of manually excluded samples, improve efficiency.


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