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Our company

“Carving Rishang Quality,  Shaping the world Brand” is our goal.

Daqing City Rishang Instrument Manufacture Co.,Ltd is established in April 18, 2000,in Heilongjiang province Daqing city High-tech Zone Torch street 15.It is a high-tech enterprises which produce the laboratory analysis equipment mainly. It has 50 employees with five departments, Director who has many years of professional experience and outstanding performance in charge of various departments. Equipments are completed, process are perfectprovided a good resource protection for the products development, production, sales and service. Since its establishment, it was rated as the office of advanced innovative enterprises by Daqing City development zone and office of Science and Technology Heilongjiang Province.

Our products

“Wisdom Collecting , Customer Satisfaction ,Ideas Innovation ,Excellence Perfect ”is that we always carry out the quality policy.

The company has full-time product development center, production testing base for the development of the products, and in the same industry took the lead through ISO9001-2000 certificate of conformity of quality management system certification in the end of 2002.And in 2006 again by the Quality Management System-assessment review.

In our own efforts at the same time, we also learn from the colleges and universities, advanced technology of laboratories, laboratory equipment and talents, the sharing of resources, in recent years we have established a cooperative relationship with Wuhan university,East China university of Science and Technology, Qiqihar university of science and technology laboratory and so on. Together with each other and create new products with better meet customer needs constantly.

The equipments were developed independently and wrer reception by the consumer because the characteristics of accuracy analysis, speed and easy operation. The equipment have the performance in a leading domestic level, also synchronization of the world advanced level. The company had eight intellectual property rights, and before each product did not have been born we have one patent at least in researching products.

Our business philosophy

“Starting in customer demand , Ending in customer satisfaction” is our forward momentum.    

Since the company was set up seven years before, in petroleum, the petrochemical industry, electric power, pharmaceutical, pesticide, environmental protection, geology, and foodstuff, we have made use of the network and set up full-time regional sales manager and quality after-sales service , for the majority of users with technical advice, training and installation of debugging applications and so on all-round technical supports.First-class technology, human services and ahead of the business philosophy won handurds of the users stability and good reputation, and product sales service network now covers the whole country.

In the new century. we sincerely look forward to your joining technology and cooperation in order to better serve users, make “Rishang" brand to do further and wider. Truly will be "Rishang" shaping the world's brand!




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