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JF-5 Coulomb method micro water meter

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JF-5 Coulomb method micro water meter


JF-5 庫侖法微量水測定儀(醛、酮專用型)

Aldehyde, ketone special type micro water meter, and the company's production of reagents with the use, to solve the user on the aldehyde, ketone and other active carbonyl groups in the determination of moisture content.

Technical index:

By the electrolysis current: 400mA max.

By measuring range: 3 to 100 micrograms of Mg (water)

Resolution: 0.1 micrograms.

* accuracy: 3 micrograms of water + 20% 10 + 10% micrograms of water 100 micrograms of water + 1%

100 micrograms of water above + 0.5% (without sampling error)

Functional characteristics:

By the analysis of speed, good repeatability.

This reaction was carried out thoroughly, balance time is short.

It improves the effective use of reagents, prolong the using time of reagent.

* full Chinese menu, LCD display, simple and convenient.

By thermal printing, clear writing, low noise, fast speed.

9:28 equilibrium point (the end point of titration) setting: this function can improve the adaptability of the instruments of different sensitivity reagent, to ensure that the instrument in the use of any of the reagents can be adjusted to the best sensitive measurement domain analysis.

] the function of communication: communication with the computer, a large amount of data storage, computer is used for instrument control, convenient operation personnel.

By the analysis precision setting function: users in the analysis speed and accuracy of free choice.

This function analysis results storage: can store 100 data.

By replacing the reagent prompt function: can remind the user to replace the expiring reagent


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