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Flash vaporization sampling sampler of Liquid hydrocarbon

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According to GB/T3727-2003Determination of ethylene, propylene trace water for industrial use

The instrument used in the pretreatment on prior analysis of liquid hydrocarbons and their derivatives or other saturated vapor pressure at room temperature and more than one atmospheric pressure substance liquefiedBefore the invention of the product of Rishang InstrumentIn just a small amount of liquid substance will have intermittent instantly vaporized function in gas chromatography gasification chamber (Note-like device), Unable to achieve a  controlled gasification process of continuous composition for  a lot of liquefied gas.This technology is for the blank of domestic and foreignLiquid sample material can be converted to gas on our original invention functionsGaseous substances meet constant composition after conversion, suitable temperature, a slight positive pressure, flow rate and other characteristics can be controlledSince 1997, development and manufacturing of liquid hydrocarbon sampling flash vaporization injection products, now Rishang instrument has five patents related.Our products have been sold all over the world. The android tablet PC upper computer interface ( can also provide the Windows operating system interface) which is Launched in 2015,   compatible with the original outstanding lower computer a machine hardware resources, a bluetooth technology is used for lower computer to the upper computer to realize a data transmission, crossed the traditional touch screen technology. Tablets or other PC also has strong resources of the network technology, which can provide remote data sharing, testing, monitoring and control functions , and give consideration of after-sales service functions such as maintenance, maintenance, fault diagnosis. This product applies to the following various items of analysis:

Scope of application Analysis on Ethylene, propylene and butene isomers of trace water  use with Coulometric Method for trace water and  dew point analyzer

Various industrial Analysis of olefins trace oxygen, use with trace oxygen analyzer

Using on Liquid hydrocarbon composition analysis with gas chromatography

Analysis on Various types of industrial used olefin trace of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, with the use of a gas chromatograph

Analysis  on various types of refrigerants and SF6 trace water

Analysis of liquid hydrocarbons and arsenic with UV trace sulfur, and other substances fluorescence sulfur analyzer fixed or fixed microcoulometry sulfur analyzer using

Principle and the method

The gasification principle of flash vaporization sampling sampler of Liquid hydrocarbon is similar with the gas phase chromatograph sample injection deviceChromatographic injector is intermittently trace gasificationGasification  of flash vaporization sampling sampler of Liquid hydrocarbon is a continuous constantFlash gasification is a continuous instant gasification processThereby ensuring that the composition of the sample is composed of exactly the same with liquid in cylinders sampler  after gasification . This is our new concept when Flash vaporization sampling sampler of Liquid hydrocarbon was invented in 1999 that we proposed——The same  components of gasificationThe company has led the technology of being can be liquefied gas injection which is higher than the atmospheric pressure on saturated vapor pressure at room temperature, can now be with chromatographic when using this technique, you can directly put the flash technology into the gas chromatograph, it has a great convenience for users.



technical index



mass flowmeter Rangeoptional mass flowmeter Controlling the flow rate accuracy0.01L/minBased on the rangeadjustable mass flowmeter Adjustable zero pointTemperature table can be set within 0 ~ 230 , adjustabletemperature control accuracy:±0.1 Volume can be set freely (Notemass flowmeter)Range selectable50mL100mL  1L2L5L10L)

The basic model introduced

Manual Type LG-1C type      Used in conjunction with chromatography for the analysis of the composition of the mixture, automatic temperature control, flow manually adjustable, display actual temperature, set temperature, and injection time.

injection time setting range 065535 secondsFlow adjustment range.0.11L/min Full-automatic typeLG-5 and LG-5    After power supply is switched on five minutes, getting automatic constant temperature, the gasification temperature display; mass flowmeter indicating, differential and total flow, automatic valve switching ; automatic adjustment of the flow, automatic control sample feeding, inlet with liquefied gas and outlet with steady flow, stable pressure, temperature and equal compositive gas same as liquid at  room temperature.

 LG-5 + using anti blocking patents and anti suckback patent technology.

 LG-6 type has a rich database ,can directly display the quality of the sample units, with a convenient user interface and menu commands and keyboard selection and easy to operate.

 LG-6 + using anti blocking patents and anti suckback patent technology.

LG-8 type flat computer control, with all of the above types of function.

LG-11 type is a dual channel type company, can simultaneously analyze two samples.

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